Sunday, May 13, 2012

Conservatives Believe Same Sex Marriage Should Be Banned Because Marriage is About Children and the Only Successful Child Raising Involves a Mother and a Father

Which Explains These Parent’s Child Abuse in Minnesota

In the fantasy world that Conservatives inhabit children in a family with a single parent, or even worse, children in a family with both parents of the same gender are horribly abused.  The families that have a mother and a father are to them the only proper way to raise children.  See they oppose same sex couples rights not because they are bigoted hate filled people, but because they are looking out for children.

So it must come as a shock to these Conservatives when they read this report about what happened to a young girl in Minnesota with, surprisingly, both a mother and a father.

A Minnesota couple accused of shaving their 12-year-old daughter's head and forcing her to run around their neighborhood in an adult diaper and tank top as punishment for a failing grade appeared in court on Wednesday on misdemeanor charges.

This traditional family headed by a traditional mother and father did this

Alerted by neighbors, police found the girl - who was being disciplined for getting an F on her report card - "hysterically crying" with a shaved head and wearing the tank top and diaper, the complaint said.

The girl had been forced to run sprints in the diaper and tank top and had been outside for more than half an hour in the incident seen by 30 to 50 people, including men and teenage boys, it said.

And one can expect at least some Conservatives (but not all, thankfully) condemning not the parents but the courts for interfering in a family, and not just any family, but a good old fashioned traditional family with family values and headed by a traditional mother and a traditional father.

The rest of us, we don’t understand this part of the story.

The charges carry up to a year in jail.

that is, the part where the charges only result in one year in jail.

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