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Minor Traffic Stop In Arizona Highlights Their Cruel Immigration Law

A True Story of life in Stalinst Russia America

Health Alert:  This story is extremely disturbing.  Readers with high blood pressure may want to avoid it.  Readers with low blood pressure may want to avoid it.  Readers with no blood pressure will definitely want to avoid it.

Under the guise of Arizona’s harsh new anti-immigrant law police stopped a young woman on a minor traffic violation.  After she was unable to demonstrate that she was in the country legally (she was not) she was sent to Federal immigration authorities for processing.  Doesn’t seem like anything wrong there does it, sounds like good law enforcement actions protecting America’s borders.

This of course is where Conservatives Republicans who enacted Arizona’s  harsh low would stop.  Case closed.  But smart and intelligent people might want some details.  For example, they might want to know how the woman came illegally to America in the first place.

A Hardened Criminal (left) and her
Mrs. Sanchez, a resident of Bullhead City, was brought to the U.S. illegally from Mexico at the age of four, according to her and her family's attorney. She grew up in Arizona and married Guillermo Garcia, a U.S. citizen, four years ago.

Wow, what a terrible person Ms. Sanchez is, a wanton criminal since the age of 4.  So Ms. Sanchez is not someone who just crossed the border to take a job away from a real American, she was brought to this country as a child and raised as an American resident.  Hardly the stuff the crime drama is made of.

But what about her husband?

Mr. Garcia is currently in Vilseck, Germany, with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.

Richard Green, the family's attorney, said he filed an application in March based on her marriage to a soldier but hasn't heard back. A spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said the agency doesn't comment on specific cases.

Yes, that’s the way Conservatives thank men and women serving in the armed forces.  They arrest their loved ones.

Mr. Garcia said he got a call from his family on Tuesday informing him that his wife had been arrested. "I was irate," he said. "My bags are packed, weapons loaded. I am just waiting to be deployed." Up all night, he said he wrote a letter to his congressman and contacted Mr. Green.

And Arizona’s attitude about the fact that her husband was on active military duty.  We don’t care they said.

"It's not relevant whether she had a husband in the military," said Trish Carter, public information specialist for the Mohave County Sheriff's Office. "

But of course the case must have been resolved very quickly, after all these things can only take a few minutes to be fixed according to Arizona’s counsel who argued their case before the Supreme Court.

"Arizona's lawyer, Paul Clement, told the Supreme Court that it could be done in 10 or 11 minutes. In this case, it took three days for federal authorities to figure it out."

So Mr. Clement mislead the Supreme Court, but don’t expect any repercussions from that.  Conservatives are so sure they are right and everybody else is wrong that not telling the truth is accepted practice for them.

And how did the case get resolved?  Well first Ms. Sanchez was encouraged to go back to Mexico, you know, just abandon her husband and her three year old daughter to go to a country she had never lived in.

Mrs. Sanchez said the border-patrol agent transported her to a station in Blythe, Calif., and then to Yuma, Ariz., where she was offered voluntary, expedited removal to Mexico. She declined the offer.

This of course is what Mitt Romney proposes, his so-called "voluntary deportation" where life and conditions are made so harsh for illegal immigrants that they voluntary deport themselves.  He is probably crushed to learn that Ms. Sanchez did not immediately abandon her family and go to a country she never lived in since the age of four.  If he is elected President he will just have to impose harsher conditions on people like Ms. Sanchez to make his immigration policy work.

And so after a number of days in jail, the case was resolved.

ICE said Mrs. Sanchez was released "after the agency verified that she had no criminal history and is married to an active-duty U.S. service member." It added that it revoked the notice to appear for a deportation hearing.

and so Ms. Sanchez is home, having spent several days in custody for the crime of 'Driving While Hispanic in Arizona'.

All of this leaves only one unanswered question.  How can the Conservative Republicans who enacted these laws and caused Ms. Sanchez (and probably numerous others) this type of suffering live with themselves?  No one can answer that question, but isn’t it reasonable to require that those that say they have family values to actually have some and those that say they support the troops to actually do so.

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