Saturday, May 19, 2012

Upset Win by Deborah Fischer in Nebraska Means 2013 Senate Will Be More Polarized – And Pushes Democrats Further into Fantasy Land

A Little Money Was a Big Factor – A Lot of Money Will Seal the Deal

Nebraska is currently an anomaly in the U. S. Senate, as it is has a Democratic Senator Ben Nelson.  Recognizing his coming massive defeat in November, Mr. Nelson chose not to run for re-election.  In a three way Republican primary (the primary being known to everyone except Democrats as the general election) to replace him a little known state legislator defeated two other candidates to capture the nomination.

Two factors may be responsible for  the win by Deb Fischer in Nebraska.  The first was an endorsement by Sarah Palin.  This raised Ms. Fischer’s profile substantially, and made it “safe” for radical Conservatives to vote for her even if they were unaware of her positions and political philosophy.  What conservative voter would even think to question someone endorsed by Ms. Palin (or even think at all).

The second factor was that a little bit of money made a big difference.

Following the release of her own internal poll showing her surging, Fischer scored endorsements from Sarah and Todd Palin and Rep. Jeff Fortenberry.

Then came the dagger for Bruning.

A brutal $200,000 weekend television ad flight paid for by TD Ameritrade founder and Chicago Cubs co-owner Joe Ricketts that revisited Bruning’s questionable financial interests and cast a cloud over his character.

As for the Democrats, their one way trip to political irrelevance in the state continues.

Democrats argued that Fischer’s surprising win provides with them a better chance at holding the seat, mainly because she’s largely untested and undefined. But public polling taken ahead of the primary has shown Fischer defeating Kerrey by double digits. Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 170,000 and presumptive nominee Mitt Romney is expected to rout President Barack Obama in the state.

For some reason Democrats think a long ago Senator, Bob Kerrey can win in the state.  This is sorta like thinking that former Senator and Presidential candidate George McGovern could win in South Dakota

Look at it this way.  If a measly $200,000 could create a victory for Ms. Fischer, what does unlimited funding, say $5 to $10 million mean for her candidacy in the general election.  An easy answer, it means an easy victory.  Oh yes, the first polls showed Ms. Fischer with a 56% to 38% lead over the Democrat.

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