Friday, May 18, 2012

Chinese Communists Have No Idea of What Communism Is or How to Practice It - Cadillacs and BMW’s Big Sellers in China

Marx and Lenin Reported to Be Appalled

Just what kind of Communism is going on in China anyway?  Small pockets of democracy are springing up, dissidents are not being jailed and tortured and shot, and some the economic growth the country is experiencing is flowing to the middle class and the emerging middle class and not to the Communist party leaders.  What is going on?

Even worse (from the Communist point of view) is that the country is moving closer to what a prosperous western economy looks like.  And what that looks like is Cadillacs.

China’s new rich are gorging on luxury (see article). Last year they bought about 30,000 Cadillacs, up 73% from 2010, 

What Communists Are Driving These Days
And not just Cadillacs.  Like the United States and Europe, BMW luxury cars are really dominating the luxury car market in China.

BMW was way ahead with Chinese sales of 217,000. 

China is becoming the new luxury market capital of the world,

That is why GM is about to start producing its new Cadillac XTS (pictured), a big sedan to compete with BMW’s 7-Series, in a factory in Shanghai. Later this year Cadillac will launch another new model on the Chinese market, the sporty ATS, a rival to BMW’s 3-Series.

Left out of the picture is Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln.

If Cadillac is belatedly joining its European rivals in the Chinese gold rush, where is Lincoln? It did not have a single car at the Beijing show. Ford executives said they needed to concentrate on reviving the brand in America before they could consider launching it elsewhere. But Lincoln’s weak sales at home have brought back speculation that Ford might scrap the brand altogether.

whose future will be determined by a re-design.

Its designer, Max Wolff, persuaded Ford executives to go for a radical restyling. The new car has a retractable all-glass roof, and the classic Lincoln “waterfall” front grille has been stretched into something Mr Wolff compares to an eagle’s open wings.

As for China, well they will always have Mao, just not his economic system.

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