Thursday, February 15, 2018

University of Washington Learns Even Republicans Get to Speak on Campus

Free Speech is Free Speech

Worried about security the University of Washington wanted an extra $17,000 from Republicans to cover the costs of a speaker on campus. A court said no way.

"A federal judge on Friday blocked the University of Washington from charging a college Republican group $17,000 in security fees for hosting a controversial speaker on campus.
The student group invited Joey Gibson, head of Patriot Prayer, a conservative group known for rallies in support of President Donald Trump in liberal enclaves, to speak at a campus rally on Saturday. The event is expected to draw large protests, including from the far-left antifa movement, prompting the university to anticipate high security costs.
In an order Friday, Judge Marsha Pechman forbade the university from imposing the security costs on the students, saying such a move would have the effect of “chilling speech.”

Yeah, if a campus cannot provide security for speakers it has no business being a campus. And maybe it should tell the protestors to re-examine their tactics if they cause that much extra security just to allow an unpopular person to speak.  As for the idea that the U cannot afford this, our advice is take a look at what you spend on football.

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