Friday, February 9, 2018

Spending Millions To Support Tax Cuts – Gosh What Kind of Cuts Require That

Oh, Republican Tax Cuts

One purpose of advertising is to get people to buy things they don't want or don't need or flat out just do not want to have. If they do want to buy it, like a $1,000.00 Apple phone then you certainly do not have to spend money to advertise the item.

So what does it say about tax cuts if rabid conservatives have to spend big bucks to convince people to think they are good. Even the people opposed to tax cuts are happy to get the extra money. But the tax cuts passed by the GOP in December are highly unpopular, mainly because they give billions to large, profitable, wealthy corporations and they give millions to people who already have, well, millions. So the Koch Brothers, a couple of ultra conservatives hoping to buy government in America are doing this.

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. (AP) — The political network backed by conservative industrialists Charles and David Koch plans to spend $20 million to promote the tax overhaul recently signed into law by President Donald Trump.
The investment marks an early focus of the Koch brothers' 2018 political strategy. It comes as the conservative billionaires work to expand their sweeping efforts to promote a "free society" in America.

They probably will not mention companies like Kimberly Clark who plan to use their tax savings to pay the severance costs of the thousands they plan to fire, and to pay higher distributions to their shareholders.

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