Sunday, February 11, 2018

'Concerning' The Best Peggy Noonan Can Do on a Spousal Abuser in the White House

What if the Victim Had Been Close to Ms. Noonan?

The revelations that a key White House aide abused his wives is not surprising.  The reaction of the President is not surprising.  The reaction of Republicans is disappointing, but not surprising.

Writing an opinion piece in the WSJ Peggy Noonan, who should know better says this about a key White House staffer for whom there is strong evidence that he was a spousal abuser.

"Scrutiny of the White House’s FBI clearance operation is legitimate. Those who work for presidents are subject to a full field investigation, and it’s a scary thing. They try to interview everyone you ever knew—and it’s the FBI, so you better play it straight. If Mr. Porter was working for a president after the FBI reported this, it is concerning."

No Ms. Noonan, it is disgusting. It is deplorable.  It is an indictment of the morality of the administration. That iswhat you would have said about a Democrat.  Is the fact that this is a Republican mean it is just mildly upsetting to you?  Yeah, probably so.

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