Monday, February 12, 2018

Remember That $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Program From Trumper?

It's Now $200 Billion Over 10 Years

Bait and Switch is Alive

One area where even those who doubted Trump had the ability to be dogcatcher, much less Prez were encouraged was his so-called dedication to improving the nation's infrastructure. Now, like everything else Donnie touches, that program has turned into a turd. Here's the scoop.

Mr. Trump will propose spending $200 billion over 10 years, most in the form of new, competitive grants designed to encourage states and cities to raise their own money for improving rails, airports, highways and water systems. The proposal also would expand federal loan programs for such projects.

Oh, okay, your local taxes would go up to the tune of $1.3 trillion to pay for stuff. The feds put in very little. But wait there's more.

The White House expects the spending to spark hundreds of billions more from local governments and private investors to pay for the upgrades, resulting in $1.5 trillion in new investment.

Oh, money from private investors! What that means is not only will taxpayers pay for the improvement, they will pay for a profit to the private sector in addition. Water rates, going up. Tolls, going on all those free roads. Parking solutions, money out of your pocket. Better airports, higher prices on fares. And so forth.

The fleecing of the American taxpayer, by the greatest Fleecer of them all.

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