Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Conservative Icon Max Boot: With a Friend Like This Republicans Don't Need Enemies

But They Have and Deserve Them Anyway

The world needs real conservatives.  The world needs men and women of principle who will help keep the balance between the public sector and the private sector.  The Republicans used to have some of them.  They don't anymore.

Recognizing this is Max Boot, unknown to the general public but known as a principled man to many.  And here is his assessment of modern Republicans.

"I’m old enough to remember when the Republican Party was pro-FBI, pro-morality and anti-deficits. What a startling turnaround. Now Republicans are issuing venomous and cretinous attacks on the FBI that make a mockery of their reputation as the party of “law and order.” They are unwilling to condemn a president whose lawyer allegedly paid off a porn actress, who endorsed an alleged child molester for the Senate and who tolerated aides who allegedly beat their wives, making a mockery of their reputation as the party of “family values.” And they are going on a spending and tax-cut binge that makes a mockery of their reputation as the party of fiscal discipline."

Yes, in one paragraph he says it all. And his conclusion.

"I’m starting to think that MAGA stands for Make America Greece Anon. Trump is leading Republicans to fiscal, intellectual and moral perdition. There is no longer a conservative party in this country. There is only a cult of Trump."

We could not have said it better ourselves, so that is why we are re-printing his.

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