Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Real Media Bias - Republicans Dominate CBS's Face the Nation

Or Maybe Dems Just Don't Care

The Sunday news shows are important, not because a whole lot of people watch them but because they create news which is reported over and over again by the news reporting people.

So it is with a little wonder, given the Republicans charge of bias that CBS had Rand Paul, Mike Mulvaney and Mark Meadows,all hard line conservatives on its Sunday show to talk about the budget and fiscal matters, with no counter by the Dems. Rand Paul distinguished himself by refusing to talk about the spousal abuse because he just doesn't know the facts.  He probably thinks Mrs. Porter gave herself the black eye so that years later she could discredit her husband.  You know, two sides to every story, right.

It could be the Dems were not invited, it could be the Dems could not find a single person to talk or it could be that the CBS folks just want to cozy up to Republicans.  Don't know, do care.

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