Monday, January 13, 2014

Rush Limbaugh on The Chris Christie Bridgegate Scandal

With No Added Commentary

Because What Else Could Be Said

Limbaugh Chides Republicans for Not Supporting Christie

Rush Limbaugh said Republicans were nothing more than "a bunch of wildebeests" for not rallying behind New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) as he faced a major scandal.

Said Limbuagh: "Have any of the RINOs, the Republicans in name only, the moderate Republicans, have any Republican establishment types come out and said that they support Christie? They haven't. This is the thing, folks. This is the thing. Republicans -- when any of them get in trouble, I mean -- it's like a bunch of wildebeests."

He continued: "If a lion in Africa attacks a wildebeest, all the other wildebeests scram and get out of there and offer no assistance whatsoever. You've seen it on National Geographic. You've seen it on all the Earth shows, all the animal shows, animals eating animal shows, you've seen it all. And the Republican Party is the same way."

thanks to Taegan Goddard

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