Saturday, January 4, 2014

In the Duck Dynasty Fiasco, Everyone is a Winner - Really

Especially the American Public

Apparently there is a TV show on a network called A and E about some folks in rural Louisiana, and apparently the show is very popular.  So when one of the stars spewed out vile hatred and prejudicial remarks against it immediately became a media sensation, the media not have much interest in real news.  And incredibly it was one of those controversies where everyone involved came out ahead.

For example, the A and E network and Cracker Barrel, who at first condemned the remarks and removed the offending person and products from their wares, then went back and reversed themselves confirmed to the rest of the nation what most of all already knew.  These craven commercial entities could not care less about minorities and gay American, they only care about money.  When they thought it was in their interests to condemn the remarks, they did so.  When they thought it was in their commercial interests to take it all back, they did so.  No one should be angry at A and E and others, they just gave more confirmation that they care only about the money.  If making money involves defending American values, great, if making money means supporting those who spew hatred, no problem.

The defenders of the remarks, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Louisiana Gov. Bobby also came out ahead.  They got to position themselves with the haters, without actually speaking the hate words themselves.  Well maybe Ms. Palin gets a pass her because she admitted she hadn’t even read the remarks, although that only gives more credence to those who think she is illiterate.  Yes, she was an elected Governor, and surely the ability to read is a requirement for that position,  but hey, the evidence is piling up here.

The Duck Dynasty Cast - Pretty Ugly, On the Inside of Course

The Duck Dynasty folks are big winners.  There are probably only a small percentage of Americans that agree with their bigotry, but in a country as large as this that translates into millions who will now flock to buy their products.  Hatred sells to haters.

Finally there is the American public.  Many people think that the hard line religious fanatics are just extra pious people, with good intentions.  This controversy has exposed them, again, for what they are, purveyors of fanatical hatred against anyone and everyone who lives their lives differently from what they, the haters, think they should be doing.  In America in 2014, this is a lesson that will have to be taught to the public over and over again.

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