Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Incredible – Someone Made a Full Feature Length Movie on the Mitt Romney and His Campaign for the Presidency

And It Inadvertently Reveals Why Mitt Failed

For reasons totally unknown and likely to remain so, a documentary film maker was allowed to film the private moments of Mitt Romney and his campaign.  The movie will be shown on Netflix, and the author of this Forum will join hundreds of millions of Americans who will not watch it.  The reason for not seeing this is nicely summed up by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times.

SALT LAKE CITY — IT’S hard to imagine anything more painful than going through the presidential campaign all over again with Mitt Romney.
Unless it’s going through two presidential campaigns with Mitt Romney.

But from the reviews apparently the film shows a human side of Mr. Romney, one that the campaign was never ever able to demonstrate.

Film Gives a Peek at the Romney Who Never Quite Won Over Voters

Greg Whiteley, who directed "Mitt," with Mitt Romney at the film's premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday in Utah. George Frey/European Pressphoto Agency

. . .

The documentary offers a more personal, quirky and human side of Mr. Romney than often came through during his campaigns.
At one point, Mr. Romney’s oldest son, Tagg, and some other Romney kin pushed for Mr. Whiteley to release his movie during the 2012 campaign. “But there were people on the team who did not want it to come out,” Tagg Romney said, adding that he thought it would have helped if voters had seen his father through “an unfiltered lens.”
So why couldn’t Mr. Romney’s own highly paid team of strategists conjure the same three-dimensional man whom Mr. Whiteley seems to capture so well?
“It’s one of the challenges of modern politics, which is ‘How do you communicate who the candidate is and what they really believe, in the short time period you have?’ ” Mr. Romney said in an interview late Friday after watching the film here for the first time.

Okay, why does that statement, like almost everything else Mr. Romney said in public ring false?  Because in his case there was no ‘short period.  Mr. Romney started running for the Presidency in 2006.  He had six years in which to present his persona to the public.  What you saw was what was there.

The explanation here of the failure of Mr. Romney in public life is that Mr. Romney never ever had any core beliefs except that Mr. Romney was destined and deserved public office and that whatever he had to say or do was okay, since he was entitled to be Senator, Governor and President.  So if Mr. Romney had to campaign as a liberal in running for the Senate, so be it.  If he had to govern as a problem solver and introduce revolutionary health care reform in Massachusetts, fine.  If he had to jettison those positions to run for President, no problem, in fact why would anyone question that?

So Mr. Romney was and is a person with no core, no dedication, no real belief in anything.  And it is that reason, not the problems of campaigning that did him in.  Mr. Romney’s campaign revealed truly what he was, an empty suit.