Sunday, January 19, 2014

French President Hollande Embarrasses Himself With His Private Life – No Not With Having an Affair

But With How He Got To the Affair

France is atwitter over the apparent philandering of its President, Francois Hollande.  Of course, since Mr. Hollande is not even married, it is not certain that what he is doing is even having an affair.  At any rate, the whole thing is highly entertaining and largely irrelevant to international policy and relations for the United States.

How Mr. Hollande leads his private life is something he is free to do, particularly in FranceBut there is one thing about his liaison with another woman that we find particularly terrible and offensive.

A celebrity magazine called Closer photographed him visiting an actress’s borrowed apartment less than 500 feet from the presidential palace. He got there on the back of a moped driven by a security guard, using a helmet to hide his identity. 

Good grief!!  The President of France going to a manage a deux riding on the back of a moped with his face hidden in a helmet!  It doesn’t get any worse than that. 

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