Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Forum Will (1) Not Comment on the Health Care Decision and (2) Publish on the 4th of July

Commentary on the 4th - The American Ideal

After the Supreme Court has rendered its august (?) opinion on the legal status of the health care reform act, this Forum will do the obvious and issue no comments.  Why?  Because every other Forum, every commentator and every news outlet will issue their comments.  In short, there is nothing The Dismal Political Economist can say that will not have already been said.

But the good news is that this Forum will publish on July 4th.  Since the really good commentators are expected to take the day off, this Forum will fill the need for snarky, sarcastic comments on the current state of politics and economics on a day when others will not meet that need.  It's the least we can do, and the authors on this Forum believe in doing the least they can do.


  1. A preemptive message to Republicans:

    Real men don't taunt.

  2. I'll meet you back here on the 4th.

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