Friday, June 22, 2012

Creating New Words: “to romney” and a “romney” in Celebration of the Olympic Level of Pandering and Changing a Position to Fit an Audience by Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

It’s Time to Celebrate Mr. Romney’s Unparalleled Skill in romneying and doing a romney

A constant in the decade long Presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, maybe the only constant has been his position of immigration.  Mr. Romney had adopted the hardest of hardline positions.  He thinks all illegal immigrants, regardless of the facts and circumstances, even if they are babies or children should be hunted down relentlessly, denied any and all opportunity in the Unites States and either forcibly sent back to their native land or made to ‘self deport’. 

But Mr. Romney has had to appear before a convention of Latino government officials and to the surprise of only Haley Smoot, who has spent the last 12 years on Mars,  Mr. Romney suddenly became a fan of Latino’s and of easier stances on immigration.

Mitt Romney, who spent months attacking Republican primary rivals for being soft on illegal immigration, called Thursday for loosening some immigration restrictions and reiterated a proposal for a path to legal status for some in the United States illegally who have served in the military.

Based on the fact that Mr. Romney has now achieved heights of pandering and levels of inconsistency only dreamed about by mere mortals, this Forum is now promoting the use of two new terms in the official English language.

to romney (v)- def.  To change a previously held position to one that is conducive to the audience which one is addressing.

examples:  Addressing farmers budget hawk Eustice Talbot romneyed  saying that he would fight for more government subsidies.;  talking with prospective students State University President Sally Forthright romneyed her position about tuition increases and said the University would work to keep them low.

romney (n) – def.  A statement or act that changes a previously held position to one that is opposite to the one taken previous;  an extreme Romney  is where one has taken so many different positions that it is impossible know what the true position of the speaker is.

examples:  Really, do we really have to?

Mitt Romney himself has earned an extreme romney  with his position on whether or not to required everyone to have health insurance.  Congratulations Mitt, and yes we all know this is just the beginning of a great run.

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  1. This is my favorite part:

    "Romney ... reiterated a proposal for a path to legal status for some in the United States illegally who have served in the military."

    I would love to know how many illegal aliens who have served in the military would benefit from such a plan. My guess is none, because no such persons exist.