Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanks Are Owed to John McCain for Picking Sarah Palin in 2008 as VP Nominee, and Roe v. Wade Has Just About Been Overturned

Inspired by the Supreme Court Thinking Outside the Box (and the Universe) in Campaign Finance Laws Decisions

Rational and normal people were all horrified once they learned the true characteristics of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after she was chosen by Sen. John McCain to be his running mate in the 2008 Presidential election.  Senator McCain continues to be roundly condemned for the choice, and all the more so since he continues to say (too great laughter) that she was the best choice out there and that she was prepared to be President.

As it turns out America owes a measure of thanks to Sen. McCain for this choice.  By exposing Ms. Palin to the scrutiny of the public, he exposed once and for all the total lack of experience and intellect Ms. Palin possessed, and spared the United States from a Palin attempt at higher office later in this decade.  Had Mr. McCain not chosen Ms. Palin, she likely would have finished her term as Governor, to no fanfare but with no major criticism and then entered the national stage untested and unknown.  This might have allowed her far greater success in public life than what she actually accomplished, serving two and a half years of a very lightly populated state.

So thanks Mr. McCain, for saving us from having Ms. Palin regarded as a serious candidate for national office.

The fight over abortion and reproductive rights is largely ending without the Supreme Court doing anything.  States that opposes basic rights of women to control their own bodies have enacted legislation that all but completely removes access to abortion services.  In Mississippi restrictions imposed by the state may mean the end to any abortion clinic in the state.  In Kansas, where a doctor who provided late term abortion to serve the health of the mother was murdered officials have taken away the license of a physician who referred patients to that doctor.

Before the Supreme Court decision in Roe. V. Wade the law of the land was that abortion rights were determined at the state level.  Roe made the right to access to abortion a national right. 

When the Supreme Court ultimately overturns Roe it won’t change things all that much. States that oppose abortion rights will have already enacted provisions that denied those rights anyway.  Other states like California and New York will have strong provisions for reproduction rights.  This will then lead to a battle to have the Supreme Court declare any right to abortion is Unconstitutional. 

Yes, that will be the next big fight.  

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