Friday, June 22, 2012

For A Guy Who Campaigned in a Pickup Truck, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is Sure Whining a Lot

Won’t Debate – Thinks the Edward M. Kennedy Institute is Being Mean to Him

After Sen. Edward Kennedy passed away Massachusetts voted for Republican Scott Brown to replace him.  Part of the reason for this was that Mr. Brown ran a grass roots, blue collar campaign and went around the state in a pickup truck to show that he was a ‘true man’.  It also helped that his opponent ran one of the worst campaigns in modern electoral history.

Now Mr. Brown is in a very tight race against Harvard Professor and consumer rights advocate Elizabeth Warren.  Since he is running against another woman one would think that Mr. Brown would use the opportunity to once again flex his he-manity.  It turns out that is not the case.  Mr. Brown is running away from a debate with Ms. Warren because Sen. Kennedy’s widow, who probably has little or no influence in the race, refuses to refrain from endorsing a candidate, and because the debate might, horror upon horrors, be televised on MSNBC.

Yesterday, Brown's campaign sent a letter to the institute stating that the senator would only debate if MSNBC dropped out as sponsor and if Kennedy, who invited the candidates to the debate, promised not to endorse either candidate before the election. 

Apparently the debate will be moderated by Tom Brokaw, about as neutral a moderator as one could find.  But that may be the problem, Senator Brown may not think he can do well in a neutral setting with an unbiased moderator.  After all he is a Republican, and like all Republicans he probably thinks that only Fox News can provide a biased enough platform for him to prevail.

What a wimp!  Boo hoo.

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