Saturday, June 30, 2012

Note to People Who Hate Gay and Lesbians – You Are Losing the Battle When Oreo Cookies goes to the Other Side

The Great Thing About America,  Hate Almost Always Loses in the Long Run

For reason totally inexplicable to the rest of us, there is a group of American that hate, positively despise people who are gay or lesbians.  Many have made it their mission in life to actively torment and persecute gay and lesbian couples.  Some want to jail people for homosexual activity, and they have at least a couple of Supreme Court Justices who think this is okay, Justices who voted to uphold a Texas law making homosexual conduct a crime.

But the haters are losing.  We know this because corporate America is now moving to the side of equality.  The latest is the Oreo cookie, whose symbolic re-depiction of an Oreo (no you cannot buy one that looks like this) shows a support for Gay Pride.  Oreo is just one of a number of high profile companies joining the list of those consumer product seller who want their customers to know that unlike some people, they are not bigots.

The LGBT community may be small, but it and its backers are vocal, often rallying support for companies deemed to be on their side and organizing boycotts against others (cough, cough, Target ).

Companies are even competing to have the most creative gay-friendly internal policies, according toa February report  from the Economist. American Express has a “pride network” with more than 1,000 members; Cisco offers LGBT workers a bonus to make up for an irregularity in the U.S. tax code.

Overt (but not covert) racism has been largely removed from America life and condemned by almost everyone.  But there are still small pockets of racists left.  That is the future of attitudes towards gay and lesbian couples. There will never be 100% acceptance, but the haters will at some time in the near future be just a small group of disreputable people, and will be largely ignored.  And everyone will wonder what the big fuss was all about. 

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  1. TDPE, as one of "the gays", please allow me to say gracias!!! Those you describe are just dinosaurs and their increasing ramped up actions, rhetoric, etc., only confirms that they have lost. Unbelievably, I know people like this and encounter them frequently. I suspect, subconsciously they know they are losing the battle but fear losing the war and that loss is evidenced every day like the actions you describe. Fearing irrelevancy is most painful for them, not unlike the pro segregationists of the civil rights struggle, and it turns or makes them especially vile!