Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Louisianans Who Hate Federal Government, Federal Spending and Federal Agencies Don’t Hate Multi Billion Dollar Flood Project

Funny How Conservatives Want Federal Spending When it Benefits Them

The state of Louisiana is one of a group of ultra-Conservative southern states where the Federal government is not just despised, not just hated, it is loathed with the intensity of a thousand suns.  Of course this feeling does not prevail when it comes to lining up for a  massive federal project to keep its premier city, New Orleans from washing away into the Gulf of Mexico.

Does This Look Nice - It Should - The Finest Flood Protection For Someone Else Your Tax Dollars Can Buy

Nearly five years after Katrina and the devastating failures of the levee system, New Orleans is well on its way to getting the protection system Congress ordered: a ring of 350 miles of linked levees, flood walls, gates and pumps that surrounds the city and should defend it against the kind of flooding that in any given year has a 1 percent chance of occurring.

Wow, that sounds kind of expensive.  Wonder how much taxpayer money from the other 49 states went into this project?

The scale of the nearly $15 billion project, which is not due to be completed until the beginning of next year’s hurricane season, brings to mind an earlier age when the nation built huge works like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hoover Dam and the Interstate highway system.

But at least the people of New Orleans ought to be pretty happy about the help they are getting from the rest of the nation.  Maybe they will revise their attitude and not be quite so hostile to federal spending.  But probably not.

As for the rest of us, we all hope that New Orleans is now protected and that something like Katrina will never ever happen again.  We only ask for one thing, a nice “thank you” from the citizens of the Bayou state.  Really folks, you have been given a massive federal welfare payment, couldn’t you just make a small gesture of appreciation.

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