Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Is Roscoe Bartlett (who) Still in the U. S. Congress? And Why Do Any Voters Want Him to Remain?

When It is Time to Go – Please Go

There are a great number of members of the House of Representatives who are not distinguished and who have done little or nothing for anybody anytime while in public service. This is not a partisan characteristic, these hacks spew forth over the party lines and the ideological lines.  One of them is Roscoe Bartlett, Republican from western Maryland.

Mr. Bartlett  has been in the House a long time, for almost 20 years.  He is 85 years old.  He is apparently running for re-election and even though his district has been gerrymandered by Democrats, he may win. 

At one point last fall, he asked National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) to name the Republicans who could hold the seat if he retired. Sessions presented with him Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney and Bartlett's now-former chief of staff, Bud Otis.

Bartlett decided then that he was the only Republican who could win the 6th district — which was made 16 points better for Democrats in redistricting, based on the 2008 presidential results.

Bartlett was quickly placed in the NRCC's incumbent protection Patriot program, a move that an NRCC spokesman said reflected the committee's belief that Bartlett is the best Republican candidate.

The story in the non-partisan site  characterizes Mr. Bartlett as the typical Conservative

He advocates the elimination of corporate tax rates, he is staunchly anti-abortion, and he is against same-sex marriage. When speaking of his date to the State of the Union, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), he said, "She's a very nice socialist."

And he is old

Mr. Bartlett - Enough Said

A few years ago, a website chronicling "100 Things Younger Than Roscoe Bartlett" surfaced. Included among the items that came to be after the octogenarian Maryland Republican's birth are penicillin, Scotch tape, talkie movies, Fidel Castro and the "American Gothic" painting.

Also on the list: the car radio and Model A Ford.

and while age itself should not a disqualification for high office, does anyone really want an 85 year old person passing on the nation’s legislation, regardless of party of philosophy?

But the real reason why Mr. Bartlett should not be returned to the House is not his age, it’s that apparently he has not accomplished a single notable thing during his sojourn in that body.  There is absolutely nothing in the  article that even suggests or hints at a legislative accomplishment.

But there is this

He ran into trouble in 1993 with an off-color statement about Asian-American students, and his interviews are some of the most unfiltered among any candidate for Congress.

Staffers assume he will be tracked by opposing campaigns and parties, but they express confidence that it will not be his downfall.

As Bartlett has buckled down, he seems willing to try any strategy, new or old, to win the campaign. Even so, he remains feisty and unfiltered, and Republicans are refraining from showing public concern. His campaign staff and Washington supporters seem to have adopted a "Let Bartlett be Bartlett" strategy.

Or as he puts it, "I am who I am."

Really, that is about the best anyone can say about this gentleman, and that is hardly a reason he should be in the House of Representatives.

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  1. "Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution sets three qualifications for representatives. Each representative must: (1) be at least twenty-five years old; (2) have been a citizen of the United States for the past seven years; and (3) be (at the time of the election) an inhabitant of the state they represent."

    Why Not a maximum age as well?