Sunday, February 26, 2012

Substantial Support for Obama Health Care Law Exists Amongst Religious Groups, Including Catholic Organizations – Wait, That Can’t Be Right

If That Were So Wouldn’t the Media Have Reported It?  (No, Not Really)

As the controversy over health care, the President’s health care reform law, contraception and the role of government in family planning has erupted over the past several weeks, anyone who receives their news from the main stream media would have been under the impression there were two separate sides.  On one side would be the President and his supporters, arguing for the extension of health care access to every American and the requirement that all American have health insurance.  On the other side would be all the religious leaders and groups who felt the health care reform improperly restricted their right to deny access to certain health care procedures to people.

As it turn out, in the real world the opposition to the current Affordable Care Act is not universal within the religious community.  Think Progress has called everyone’s attention to a brief filed on behalf of a large number of diverse religious organizations supporting the ACA.  That brief was filed on behalf of groups including Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Protestants. 

The basis of their support is their belief that a truly devout and religious person would support access to quality and affordable health care for all, and that Medicaid and Medicare are key elements to that access.

Our organizations, as well as people of faith throughout our society, strongly support Medicaid and Medicare. In the faith community, we are often the first to witness need and distress from all causes. As providers of services and care, both physical and spiritual, our members, congregations and institutions, including religiously affiliated health care providers, are very familiar with the importance of Medicaid and Medicare.

And they go on to say

All individuals, regardless of their age, income, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, geography, employment status, or health status, deserve equal access to quality, affordable, inclusive and account-able health care. Reducing health care options for some based on any of these factors is profoundly unjust.

And in case anyone is worried that tax exempt dollars paid for the legal expertise to file legal briefs, there is this

Counsel for the parties filed blanket consents to amicus briefs in this case. Counsel for amici timely notified counsel of record of its intent to file this brief. No party’s counsel authored this brief in whole or in part. No party or party’s counsel contributed money to fund preparation or submission of this brief. No person, other than amici’s counsel, contributed money intended to fund preparation or submission of this brief.  

But don’t look for this aspect of the argument in any of the major newspapers, television networks to other major sources of news.  They are not interested in fairly reporting the news, just in sensationalizing the news to sell papers and get viewers.  Besides, reporting this aspect of the story might be considered bias in favor of the truth, and no one wants that.

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