Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wall Street Journal Report on the Mitt Romney Campaign the Day Before the Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado Voting

Maybe the Schlock Editorial Writing is Finding Its Way to the News Reporting.

And in Maine, Twas a Famous Victory for Mitt

The headline story in the Wall Street Journal on this pasts Monday that was 24 hours before the voting in three states, Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota was this.

Romney Builds Momentum
Nevada Vote Shows More Support From Conservatives; Gingrich Vows to Battle On

And here are the lead paragraphs.

Mitt Romney, buoyed by a fresh victory in Nevada, appears to be shoring up support among the conservative voters who once appeared tempted by his rivals, putting the former Massachusetts governor in the strongest position since Republicans began voting a month ago.

After notching back-to-back victories in swing states, Mr. Romney could benefit from a pause over the coming weeks in what has been a frenetic and topsy-turvy GOP presidential race. There are few major states voting and no nationally televised debates until Feb. 22.

But it is a perilous stretch for Mr. Romney's rivals as they try to raise money and convince Republican voters they have a real shot at the nomination.

Yes, 24 hours later Mr. Romney had lost all three contests.

But what about the Maine Caucuses where Mr. Romney won 39% of the vote?  Ok that translates into about 2,500 votes.  No that is not the spread, that is the total votes for Mr. Romney.  Only 2% of Maine's registered Republican voters managed to show up for the caucuses.  No problem for Mr. Romney, look for him to claim a great win, and look for the press to ignore the fact that no one showed up.

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  1. you think the quality of the reporting in the Phone Hacking Journal is on a downward trend. Well stop the presses