Saturday, September 7, 2013

War on Illegal Immigrants Claims Huge Victory – 10 Year Old Fourth Grader is Deported to Country He Never Knew

Decency and Compassion Also Fall Victim to Massive Government Onslaught

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, a vicious Republican anti-immigration Congressman recently made the headlines for stating that in his not so humble opinion, illegal immigrants were just a bunch of drug runners who deserved no mercy or consideration.  Mr. King, meet your arch enemy, Rodrigo Guzman, aged 10. 

Rodrigo Javier Guzman Diaz was born in Mexico City but had lived in Berkeley since the age of 2. His parents, Reyna Diaz Mayida and Javier Guzman Ponce, traveled here because they had extended family in the area. Diaz Mayida, educated as an accountant in Mexico, cleaned houses. Guzman Ponce worked as a cook in fraternity houses.

This made it possible for Rodrigo to attend Jefferson, one of Berkeley's highest-rated schools. Or it did, until the familiar world his family had built for him was taken from Rodrigo on Jan. 10.

Rodrigo was traveling with his parents to Mexico to renew their tourist visas. On their way, they had a connecting flight in Houston, where they were stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

For reasons the family members say were never explained to them, their Mexican passports and visas were confiscated. They were told to continue on to Mexico, where it would take five years or longer to get new visas.

Wow, a group of hardened criminals if ever there were any.  It is obvious that the 2 year old Rodrigo hatched this devious plot to enter the United States and conduct a nefarious campaign of crime.  Why he even fooled his classmates, who in a fit of irrationality became quite fond of him and are too dumb to know why he is no longer in this country.

"We have to fight for Rodrigo's rights because he is not able to do it himself!" Kyle Kuwahara said in a letter to President Obama. "Today I'm writing to you on Rosa Parks' 100th birthday to do the right thing. To allow Rodrigo and his family to return to their home, school and friends in Berkeley."

Fortunately the forces of law and order and basic decency are prevailing.

Unwitting dupes of criminal master Rodrigo Guzman, aged 10
Can't anyone keep these good American children out of his clutches?

Even as the children's "Bring Rodrigo Home" campaign built momentum, it became clear that things would not move fast. The immigration system is complicated, the students were told. There were too many agencies and politicians with rules that didn't seem to share their urgency.

And these poor misguided students are being falsely led into an internet connection with their friend, unaware that he is a master mind criminal intent on evil.

Nobody quite remembers who at Jefferson Elementary first discovered Minecraft, which caught on by word-of-mouth.

Rodrigo and his classmates would meet after school or on weekends at friends' houses, discovering that Minecraft's deceptively simple premise allowed them almost limitless creative possibilities. The game's focus is on players cooperating to build things rather than competing to destroy one another. Players gather or mine material to make tools and construct buildings.

But the good news, the 4th graders here in America have learned a valuable lesson about decency and compassion and the role their government plays in not bringing those things to those who need it.

Nice going INS, we got your back, and your front and your sides.  We know  what you are.

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  1. INS no longer exists--It is now Customs & Border Protection (CBP) within the Dept. of Homeland Security which is responsible for enforcing the borders. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) is mostly legacy INS people and responsible for enforcement of immigration WITHIN the U.S. Customs was always a nasty agency and has become more so since it now has enhanced powers because of the demise of INS. Customs always detested INS and gleefully took over its gun-carrying positions and personnel whom it promptly started to get rid of. Customs got the Border Patrol. There are some incredibly nasty politics behind the immigration mess and in a large part because all the immigration work is now inside of DHS.