Monday, September 23, 2013

Anthony Weiner, Mitt Romney, Darrell Issa All Grace Politico With Absurdities

And That’s Not All

Sometimes a single political site has a bunch of laugh out loud stuff, and Politico recently had just that.

  1. Anthony Weiner, the defeated mayoral candidate (and we mean really, really defeated) had to go on the radio and declare that he was not an idiot.  Uh Anthony, when one’s persona has sunk so low that one has to publicly state that one is not an idiot, the odds are pretty good that one is.

  1. The chief inquisitor of the House, Rep. Darrell Issa has spent months trying to make the tragedy of the death of American in Libya into a scandal.  He has not succeeded, because this was a tragedy, not a scandal (although tragedies are not immune from Republican politics if they think they can score some points).  So now Mr. Issa is going to Libya to ferret out more info.  Well it takes one ferret to know another one doesn’t it.

Mitt Romney and his grandchildren are shown. | AP Photo
Look around Mitt, really, count 'em
  1. Mitt Romney the man who was supposed to be the numbers oriented business guy doesn’t know how many grandkids he has.  To be fair, the number is in double digits so Mitt could be excused for having difficulty here.

  1. Sen. Rand Paul says the Republicans are “winning like Charlie Sheen”.  No we don’t know what that means either, but then most of what Mr. Paul says is incomprehensible. Anyway comparing a political party favorably to actor Charlie Sheen doesn't seem to be an  entrance ramp on the road to success.

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