Tuesday, September 10, 2013

At Last, A Possible Reason to Support the Campaign of Eliot Spitzer to be New York City Comptroller

Know the Man by His Enemies

This Forum has been less than enthusiastic about the return of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to public life, specifically his run for the office of Comptroller of New York City.  The feeling here was that Mr. Spitzer did not deserve public trust, and that this particular office was really not the way for anyone to be effective in fighting malfeasance in the financial industry.

But this bit of news, from Taegan Goddard’s excellent Forum, Political Wire gives us pause.

August 31, 2013

Anti-Spitzer Fundraising Fizzles

Terrified of Eliot Spitzer, "heavy hitters on Wall Street have abandoned their ambitious plan to inject millions of dollars into the race for city comptroller to help elect Scott Stringer," theNew York Post reports. 

"Forward NY was supposed to raise huge sums -- up to $150,000 per individual -- from corporate executives who abhor Spitzer for targeting them and their industry when he was state attorney general. As it turns out, they fear Spitzer more than they hate him."

So maybe there is something to Mr. Spitzer’s campaign.  New Yorkers need to think before they vote today.

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