Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buffalo, New York Sandwich Beef on Weck is Said to be Better Than Pastromi

Are You Serious, Are You Kidding Me, Look at It

The people of Buffalo take food seriously.  The home of the chicken wing also has another signature sandwich, roast beef on a Kimmelweck bun.  Now apparently Zagats has deemed this a better sandwich than pastrami.  From the Buffalo News.

Beef on weck beats pastrami for New York sandwich crown, Zagat says

By Andrew Z. Galarneau
Zagat, the survey-based guide to restaurants in the U.S. and select international cities, has named the beef on weck New York State's specialty sandwich.
This is a joke, right.  Look at the thing.

Yes, that white stuff is salt.  Lots of salt, a huge amount of salt.  Bite into this sandwich and  you taste salt, only salt, nothing else.  This sandwich is served exclusively in Stroke City.  Eat one and you get free transportation to there.  Eat two and you embrace the Vegan lifestyle.


  1. Give Buffalo a break - it needs something to be proud of. Have you seen a Bills game lately? Or in the last ten years?

  2. As a former season ticket holder to the Bills I have seen my share and more. As a current Carolina resident they will be on TV Sunday in our area. Sigh.

    Buffalo has a lot to be proud of, Wings, Ted's and Chef's come to mind. The best fish fry's ever. A salt sandwich, no.