Tuesday, September 24, 2013

North Carolina Continues to Lead in the Race to the Bottom – County School Board Bans Book on Modern Library List of 100 Greatest

Yahoos Are Alive and Well in the Tar Heel State

Because one author of this Forum lives near North Carolina, admires North Carolina and really likes North Carolina this Forum reports a lot on North Carolina.  The problem of course is that radical conservatives now dominate government in the state, and the rest of the nation needs to understand what these people will do if they gain national power.

So here is a report from a school district in the state where the Board of Education has decided that nationally recognized literature is not suitable for high school students.

RAMSEUR — “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison is banned from the shelves of Randolph County Schools libraries.

By a 5-2 margin, the Randolph County Board of Education voted Monday night, at its regular meeting held at Eastern Randolph High School, to remove all copies of the book from school libraries.

Afterwards the school board did not issue the following invitation.

Randolph County Residents Invited to Book Burning

Every concerned citizen is invited to the book burning and fish fry to be sponsored by the Randolph County Board of Education.  In what we hope will be a regular event, the School Board will set up a bon fire behind the high school where everyone will be encouraged to throw books they think other people should not read into the fire.  Local residents will be given preferred positions near the fire, and anyone bringing a book authored by an African American will be given first priority.

Parents in particular should use the upcoming open house at their local schools to take any books off the shelves of the school libraries that they don’t like and bring them to the burning.  Please note that having actually read a book that is submitted for the burning is not required. In this way we can accommodate many of our citizens who have, in fact never read a book.  Furthermore the School Board thinks that the community will be better served by burning books that the residents have not read.  In that way they will not be contaminated by impure thoughts or ideas such as racial equality, equal justice for all or other commie/socialist inspired doctrines that are preached on a daily basis by our Kenyan born President.

After the fire dies down attendees will be allowed into the school auditorium to hear a lecture by the head of the National Association of Bigots on why fascism is not as bad as it was made out to be by the liberal press.  Donations to that group are tax deductible and checks should be made out to “Maim a Liberal for Jesus, LLC” a 501 (c) (3) corporation. 

Expenses for the event will be underwritten by the Koch Brothers.

Y’all come!!

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  1. Banning Invisible Man is tragic irony at its finest.