Thursday, September 26, 2013

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz Sets Out to Capture the Laughing Stock Bloc of the Republican Party

Don’t Laugh, It’s the Party’s Biggest Bloc

The Republican Party in the last several election cycles has set up to nominate various candidates with various backgrounds.  Senator Bob Dole came from the Legislative Wing of the party, John McCain from the Warhawk Wing of the party and Mitt Romney from the Multi-millionaire Businessman wing of the party (yes McCain is very wealthy, but he married into wealth so that may not make him a true bona fide representative of the millionaires).

Hey, the Laughing Stock of the world needs representation too,
and who better to do it

Now Republican Senator Ted Cruz has apparently set out to be the 2016 nominee of the Republicans, representing the Laughing Stock Wing of the Republican Party (and every party needs a laughing stock to be a merry affair).  What did the Senator do to earn this highly praiseworthy leadership position?  Well there is this.

  1. Mr. Cruz set out to filibuster and prevent the Senate from taking up a bill to defund health care reform, a bill that he supports.
  2. Mr. Cruz’s filibuster was not even a real filibuster.
  3. Mr. Cruz then voted for the action that he was filibustering against.
Yes you read that right.  Mr. Cruz fought a valiant(?) fight invoking and reading Dr. Seuss to keep the Senate from taking up the House bill, then voted to take up the House bill.

What a putz!

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