Monday, April 2, 2012

Republicans to Run Fake Candidates in Democratic Primary in Wisconsin

Think Republicans Believe in Democracy – Think Again

Republicans in Wisconsin will repeat a tactic that they have used before and field a slate of fake candidates to force Democratic candidates for the State Senate seats being contested in a recall election to fight a primary.  Here is the explanation.

Officials with the state Republican Party said that they plans to run candidates in the Democratic primaries in four upcoming recall elections targeting GOP state senators.

GOP executive director Stephan Thompson said the move will guarantee that a Democratic primary has to be held. He said that ensures one clear date for the primary and a separate one for the general election, thereby limiting any scheduling control the Democratic Party might try to assert.

This result will be to distract the Democrats and to move the recall election to a date more favorable to Republicans.

Republicans treat elections as a game, and as a game in which if they can rig the process so much the better.  They do not understand or accept that this is serious stuff, it is not a game it is about governing the country.  But they are people so dedicated to imposing their way on the American people that they really do not care if democracy and governance is damaged in the process of winning elections by unethical means.

The good news, there is no hard evidence that Republican strategists are really trying to emulate Josef Stalin and Communist East Germany, even though the circumstantial evidence is mounting.

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