Thursday, April 5, 2012

Romney Camp Sends Up Trial Balloon on the Vice Presidential Pick – Sen. Rob Portman, Rep. Paul Ryan or Va. Governor Robert McDonnell

Straight from Jennifer Rubin – A Romney Campaign Operative  Masquerading as a Washington Post Columnist

We have generally stopped commentating on the fact that the Washington Post in trying to curry favor with Conservatives and Republicans has employed a bunch of them to masquerade as opinion writers when all they are doing is parroting Republican talking points and promoting Republican causes.  The most egregious example of these is a person named Jennifer Rubin.

Ms. Rubin was hired to write in the Post with no credentials whatsoever.  She is essentially a conduit of the Romney campaign.  All she really does is rewrite Romney campaign literature and present it as her opinion.  Thus her columns simply praise Mr. Romney and condemn each and every one of his opponents.  It is difficult to believe that anyone takes her seriously.

But as a ‘useful idiot’ Ms. Rubin does give us some insight into the Romney thinking.  So in writing about a Vice Presidential choice, when Ms. Rubin floats the names of Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan and Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell we know that this is the current Romney thinking.  Putting it out there as columnist gives the Romney camp the advantage of getting reaction while at the same time denying the story.

Of course, being a Romney operative de facto if no de jure, Ms. Rubin cannot help but write a column full of praise.

We have seen that Romney’s political style and personal demeanor are characterized by discipline, focus, wonkishness and caution. Whatever you think of his ideology, Romney is a very smart man and surrounds himself with articulate, smart people. 

and then she moves on to the VP picks.

there are, I believe, three serious contenders. Romney knows and has evident respect for each of the three. They are all experienced and very smart. Evaluating the selection under the Romney criteria, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) (who also served as U.S. trade representative and head of the Office of Management and Budget) are far and away the most likely trio to make the short list. Romney knows and has spent time with all of them.

But the real news here is that Ms. Rubin downplays the favorite, Florida Senator Marco Rubio

Even if he wanted the spot, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) would be lower on the list than a candidate who embodies Romney’s preference for experience.

And unlike others who speculate on the VP choice, Ms. Rubin is really speaking for the campaign. 

This does not mean that Sen. Rubio, whom this Forum thinks will get the nod, is to be completely dismissed, but that this trial balloon floated by the Romney camp through their pet, Ms. Rubin is testing things to see how a rejection of Mr. Rubio would play.

The guess here is that it would play ok, particularly if Gov. McDonnell were the choice.  After all given his experience with ‘vaginal probes’ he already has the initials V. P. firmly associated with him.

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