Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The ‘Hard to Dislike’ Mike Huckabee Will Have a Radio Show to Compete with Rush Limbaugh

Here’s Hoping Bad Politics Will Beat Awful Politics

Whatever else one can say about Rush Limbaugh (and yes, there is a lot else one can say about this vile pontificator) it cannot be denied that Mr. Limbaugh is a ratings champion on AM radio.  Now former Arkansas Governor and former Republican Presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee will be going head to head with Mr. Limbaugh on the 12 to 3 timeslot on national radio. 

Mr. Huckabee is a traditional Conservative, meaning his policy positions are almost always wrong.  But he doesn’t come across as unlikeable, and some of his actions and statements are downright tolerable.  He likes to play rock music.  At one time he was extremely overweight and he not only conquered that problem but also developed a position of government support for better health and better nutrition.  During the 2008 campaign when he confronted Mitt Romney’s anti-immigrant campaign he admonished Mr. Romney severely. 

No one should mistake Mr. Huckabee for anything than what he is, a strong Conservative who would impose his radical views on America.  But he intends to do this on his radio show with at least some modicum of decency and courtesy.

“Our tagline is, ‘More conversation, less confrontation’,” Huckabee said in an interview with Politico. “I’m going to treat every guest with respect and civility. Nobody is going to come on and get into a shouting match with me. That’s just not my style.”

And every listener he pulls away from the repulsive Mr. Limbaugh is a small win for better, not worse, dialogue in American politics.

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