Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OMG – Newt Gingrich Is Considering Withdrawing from the Republican Race for the Presidential Nomination

You Mean He Didn’t Already Do That?  - Maybe Not

[Update:  Wednesday 1:10 p.m. Sad News.  Mr. Gingrich has indicated he will be ending his campaign.  No that is not the sad news.  The sad news is this from WP columnist Richard Cohen.

So it seems to be over. But Gingrich will be back. In four years, he will only be 72, which is younger than Ronald Reagan was as president and about what John McCain was when he ran last time out. He will never stop. It is the one idea that has never occurred to him.

Yes, that is sad for us indeed.]

Newt Gingrich ran hard in the primary in the state of Delaware.  Now no one has really paid attention to this primary, maybe because what’s at stake is the single delegate Delaware gets to send to the Republican convention and no one knew Delaware was even having a primary.

[Editor’s note:  We have asked The Dismal Political Economist not to comment negatively on the size and relatively insignificance of the state of Delaware.  It’s a very nice place.]

It was entirely possible that Mr. Gingrich would win the Delaware primary.  After all, this is the state where Republicans threw away a certain chance to take a Senate seat by nominating Christine O’Donnell whose campaign was based on the not very winnable theme of “I am not a witch”.  But if he does not do well, and he didn't,  Mr. Gingrich may leave the race.

Mr. Gingrich had this to say about the state of the race for the nomination.

"Gov. Romney is clearly the frontrunner but that doesn't mean he is inevitable,” Gingrich told a roughly 50 person crowd inside the Delaware GOP headquarters here. “It is very dangerous for frontrunners to start behaving like they are inevitable because the voters might decide that’s not so true. Frankly, I think it is a mistake for Romney to kick-off his general election campaign tomorrow in New Hampshire. He has about half the votes he needs to be nominated."

proving once again when he talks about colonizing outer space he is really talking about having people go live in his alternative universe.

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  1. Delaware gave us Big Joe Biden, for which they should be commended. Now they seem to have offed Newt, for which they should receive our eternal gratitude.