Friday, April 20, 2012

Even Highly Conservative Arizona Gov. Brewer Doesn’t Think Bringing Guns to a Senior Center is a Good Idea

She Must Be an Enemy of Freedom

In one of the more incredible actions, Republican Jan Brewer, who is currently Governor of Arizona has vetoed a bill for the second time that would have allowed guns in public places.

For the second consecutive year, Brewer rejected the measure backed by gun rights advocates to allow guns in public buildings, except where security personnel were posted at the entrances and metal detectors or X-ray machines were present.

Under current Arizona law, state authorities can ban guns from being carried into public buildings such as libraries, senior centers and city halls by posting a sign at their entrances.

Gosh, what kind of person wouldn’t want guns in a library or a senior center.  And  how are distraught, mentally ill citizens going to attack public employees and elected officials if they are not allowed to bring a gun into city hall?

Here’s the reaction of a “no restrictions on carrying a gun” patriot.

Charles Heller, co-founder and spokesman of Arizona Citizens Defense League, said the group "expected better from someone who was rumored to be an ally of freedom."

"We wish she would show more respect for Arizona's constitutional provision about the right to keep and bear arms," he told Reuters, moments after learning of the veto.

At least Mr. Heller is not supporting a bill that would require citizens to carry guns into senior centers, libraries and city halls.  No, that will come next year. 

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