Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Washington Post Fact Checker is Even More Biased Than PolitiFact

Condemns Democratic Ad That Accurate Portrays Mitt Romney; Does Not Condemn Romney Ad That Misquoted Mr. Obama

It is now evident to anyone paying attention that the once respected journal known as the Washington Post has decided to back Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination, and probably for President.  The Post has hired Romney hacks like Jennifer Rubin to opine on their web site in support of Mitt, and they have some how subverted their Fact Checker to ignore the worst political ad of the season, which is by the Romney campaign and to condemn a Democratic ad that is correct.

Earlier this year the Romney camp ran an ad in which they show Mr. Obama saying something like “If we have to talk about the economy, we lose” which seems pretty damning.  Except Mr. Obama was quoting John McCain in the 2008 campaign.  This was clearly the most egregiously misleading ad of the current political campaign.  Yet when the Washington Post Fact Checker came up with his biggest lies of 2011, the Romney ad was spectacularly missing.

What was present as one of the “biggest” political lies of 2011 was the claim by Democrats that the Republican Plan to end Medicare did indeed end Medicare.  It seems for the Fact Checkers of America, as long as Republicans called what they proposed Medicare then Fact Checkers will regard it as Medicare.  Apparently if Republicans wanted to replace Medicare with bull fighting, and called it Saving Medicare by Having Senior Fight Bulls the Fact Checkers would still say that Republicans have preserved Medicare. (It would have “Medicare” in its name so it must be Medicare, right).

But the Washington Post Fact Checker goes even further, he cites a Democratic ad that quotes Mr. Romney correctly as a lie.  About the only way this can stand is if the Fact Checker is reasoning that Mr. Romney has changed his positions so many times that anything he says is not true, and therefore to quote him is misleading. 

Huh? No that doesn’t make sense to even The Dismal Political Economist.  Neither does the efforts of the Post to pollute their once valued reputation, but that is what they are doing.

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