Thursday, December 22, 2011

Election Update: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Confirms She’s Running for the VP Slot on a Romney Ticket by Denying It; Romney Relishes Endorsement from Former Nominee He Said He Didn’t Want

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Earlier The Dismal Political Economist reported on the endorsement of Mitt Romney by South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley, and noted that the motivation for this endorsement was Ms. Haley’s desire to be chosen as the Romney Vice Presidential pick.  Going on Meet the Press Ms. Haley confirmed that she is indeed highly interested in the position.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) said on Meet the Press that she would "absolutely not" consider being Mitt Romney's running mate.

Said Haley: "I am very thrilled to be the governor of the state of South Carolina. I made a promise to the people of this state and I intend on keeping it."

Now to the uninitiated that may sound like just the opposite, but that is the way that one runs for Vice President in the United States.  It  is done by adamantly denying that one is interested in the job, and in fact, the stronger the denials the greater the interest.  So Ms. Haley has definitely thrown her hat into the ring, but as The Dismal Political Economist has said earlier, one Sarah Palin in a century is enough (actually more than enough).

As for Mr. Romney himself, he is trumpeting the endorsement of former Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Robert Dole.  Neither Mr. Romney’s parading of the endorsement or the endorsement itself is surprising.  Mr. Dole is a member of the Republican establishment and it was never possible that he would endorse anyone else.

What is revealing is what happened four years ago.  At that time Mr. Dole wrote a letter to Rush Limbaugh touting Sen. McCain.  Mr. Romney’s response was highly critical, in which he said Mr. Dole was the last person he would want to write a letter for him. 

Memo to Mitt:  They record this stuff, you know.

Classic Mitt!

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