Monday, December 12, 2011

Profiles in Cowardice – Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Republican Leaders by Not Naming Them;

And Mitt Romney Will Have an Interview with (Gasp) Fox News

According to the always unreliable scion of faux Conservatism Rush Limbaugh, the Republican establishment has a secret conspiracy to keep anyone but Mitt Romney from getting the GOP nomination.

"It's like clockwork. It's becoming predictable. I don't care who it is, a Republican presidential candidate breaks out of the pack, gets close to Romney -- or even surpasses Romney in polling data in certain states -- and the Republican establishment goes after him. Today there is a coordinated -- well, I don't know that it's coordinated, but it sure appears to be. Regardless, no matter where you look in the Republican establishment media today, there looks to be a coordinated attack on Mr. Newt. I'm not gonna mention any names because you know when I do, all I do is elevate these people and the names don't matter here."

So Mr. Limbaugh will not name names.  Despite what he says the reason he will not do so is either he is afraid to call out Republicans whom he might offend, or more likely, he just doesn’t know the names.  See the names do matter here, if there are any and if Mr. Limbaugh could produce any.

Meanwhile Mr. Romney who has been facing criticism for not submitting to interviews by independent journalists (if there are any left) has decided to continue to not submit to interviews by independent journalists by going on the Fox News Sunday program.  Mr. Romney has done an interview on Fox before and was highly offended that they even asked him questions, thinking that all this was supposed to be was a stage for his views.

Let’s hope Mr. Romney has learned his lesson though, and requires Fox News to only ask him questions about his hair and how he truly believes what he says he believes.  We all believe this is what will happen, unless Fox is mad at Mr. Romney for not taking a job as a paid partisan commentator with the network.  After all, in Fox News’s view working for Fox is a prerequisite for running for the Republican nomination.

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