Monday, December 26, 2011

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Seizing Control of the Country – Wants to Arrest and Replace Opposition Politicians

Memo to George W. Bush:  Is This What Americans Died For?  Is It?

Here is the briefest of all possible histories of the U. S. war in Iraq.  The narrative is that the U. S. and it allies invaded that country to destroy its weapons of mass destruction.  When it turned out there weren’t any, President Bush and his minions changed the rationale to being one of deposing a brutal dictator and replacing him with a democracy.

Now a few days after the last American troops have left the country, Iraq’s Prime Minister has declared himself to be the “fearless leader”.

Maliki also said he would release what he described as incriminating information about government officials if they continue a boycott that started recently. He also said that the county’s constitution gives him broad authority and latitude to run Iraq as he sees fit.

Gosh, he has authority to run Iraq as he sees fit.  What previous Iraqi ruler could have said such a thing and done such a thing.  Anyone know? 

The issue is the role in the government with respect to Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims and the semi-autonomous Kurds who inhabit the north part of Iraq. 

Much of the current crisis is the result of the Shiite Prime Minister wanting to arrest his Vice President

Iraq’s Interior Ministry, which is controlled by Maliki, announced the arrest warrant for Hashimi on Monday, the day after the last U.S. troops departed Iraq. Maliki said at the news conference that Hashimi was operating outside the law and thought his position allowed him to do so.

“There is a mechanism all over the world for people who are wanted by the judiciary,” Maliki said. “That’s why we are demanding the brothers in the regional government of Kurdistan to bear their responsibility.”

The Vice President has fled to the Kurd region of Iraq, and the Kurds do not appear to be willing to give him up. 

Now no one, least of all The Dismal Political Economist, has any idea about what the true situation is here.  But the idea that the U. S. is leaving behind a thriving democratic country subject to the rule of law, well only George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld believe that.

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