Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mitt Romney Finally Takes a Principled Stand - Declines Trumpt Debate

Ok, Not a Big Step, But It’s a Start

Like everyone else the Dismal Political Economist has been politely pointing out the lack of convictions by Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney has changed his positions many times, and while he claims he has done so based on principles, it is amazing that all of his changes have increased rather than decreased his appeal to the Republican electoral.

Now Mr. Romney has decided to decline to participate in a debate hosted by blowhard showman Donald Trump.  Debates are serious stuff, and they should be moderated by serious people.  Mr. Trump is a clown, an individual who engages solely in self promotion.  For him to host a debate is silly.

So hat’s off to Mr. Romney, for doing something that may have at least something to do with standards.  We all know tomorrow you will be back pandering to the Republican base, but for this day at least you did the right thing.  Maybe it’s also the political thing but that’s ok.  Too many times your political things that you have done are the wrong thing.

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