Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mr. Romney Blames Mr. Obama for Failure of Congressional Debt Panel

Note to Mitt:  Mr. Obama is the President, Not a Member of Congress

Mitt Romney was the first out of the box to use the failure of the Congressional debt reduction panel as a political tool to blame the President.

“It is another example of failed leadership. He has not taken personal responsibility to get the supercommittee to find ways to balance the budget and cut spending.”

See Mr. Romney, in our form of government here in the United States we have a legislature that is independent of the executive branch, and the President of the United States has absolutely no ability whatsoever to make any one of the six Republicans on the panel agree to tax increases that are necessary to make a meaningful impact on the deficit.  We thought you knew that, but maybe not. 

Mr. Romney may still be living in the corporate world, where the CEO has a high degree of power in making decisions.  He is certainly not living in the real world, but then for the purpose of making political points he doesn’t have to, does he.  Mr. Romney has also blamed Mr. Obama for the following.

  1. The failure of the New England Patriots to go undefeated and win the Super Bowl several years ago.  “The President could have gotten out there on the playing field and made a difference” Mr. Romney said, “but instead he chose to sit on the sidelines and let a perfect New England Patriot season be lost.”

  1. The collapse of Lehman Brothers.  “The President did nothing to prevent Lehman Brothers from failing, even though he was not President at that time”  Mr. Romney complained.

  1. Failing to allow General Motors and Chrysler to go out of business.  “A President devoted to the private sector would have let those companies fail”  Mr. Romney argued, “and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs would have taught us all a lesson.  But Mr. Obama intervened and now there is a resurgence of the auto industry in the U. S., something that would not have happened if I had been President.”

  1. Noting that the President believes governments should do something about climate change, Mr. Romney stated emphatically that “Mr. Obama did nothing, absolutely nothing to prevent Katrina from devastating New Orleans.”

As for what Mr. Romney has done, Politico reported that

Romney himself has avoided the supercommittee debate, speaking in generalities and declining to weigh in on Sen. Pat Toomey’s (R-Pa.) proposal, which includes a mix of spending cuts and new tax revenue.

A spokesperson for Mr. Romney said that the candidate would have a position as soon as it was clear which position would be most politically advantageous for him.

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