Friday, November 11, 2011

David Brody on the Christian Broadcast Network Website on the Cain – Gingrich Debate

Because In Times Like These Everybody Needs a Good Laugh

Thanks to Taegan Goddard and his website, The Dismal Political Economist now know that there is a website that features the writings of a gentleman by the name of David Brody.  Mr. Brody has commented on the recent two person debate between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, that, unfortunately, was opposite LSU-Alabama. 

Since, for that reason among others nobody was watching, here is what Mr. Brody said.

As I sat and watched the entire event, I came away with one vivid impression: Did I just finish watching the Republican presidential ticket in 2012? Cain/Gingrich? Don’t laugh.

Now The Dismal Political Economist is a nice guy, and he likes to accommodate reasonable requests, but this was too much.  No one can read that excerpt and not laugh; like The Dismal Political Economist running a marathon, some things are just not physically possible for the human body to do.

And in case anyone thinks Mr. Brody was just messing with us, he went on to say

Both of these men have triggered something inside the hearts of voters. They both strike a chord when they go after the liberal media but it’s much more than that. Voters seem attracted to Newt for various reasons including his bluntness and a capacity to offer big ideas to solve big problems. Every event I go to people seem to gravitate to him because he is coming across as a serious candidate for a serious time in America. As for Herman Cain, people simply like him and his no-nonsense approach. The more they hear him the more they are starting to realize that while he doesn’t have the policy wonkish knowledge of Gingrich they do seem to believe he has good judgment and the ability to surround himself with the smartest people around.

And if anyone is wondering what was said that so impressed Mr. Brody, well here is a report from the LA Times, on Mr. Gingrich's part

Later, he offered a proposal to use delivery services like UPS or FedEx, which both have sophisticated online tracking mechanisms, to help find illegal immigrants. "One of my proposals is, in order to find everyone who is here illegally," Gingrich said, "we send them a package."

As the audience howled, he said, "It's funny, but it's making a profound point about where we are."

Okay, okay, enough with the funny business. We have all had our laughs and now it’s time to get back to real work.  Try to keep the chuckling under control, your co-workers will thank you.

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