Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anti-Government Conservatives Lobby For and Get Federal Disaster Aid in Virginia

Conservatives:  Listen to What We Say; Pay No Attention to What We Do

The state of Virginia is considered a swing state politically, but its Governor is a strong Conservative and its most famous legislator is Republican Eric Cantor, a very strong anti-government spending, no money to help people Conservative.  So it is somewhat ironic that these politicians, and every other political person in the state are celebrating the approval of Federal aid for a small earthquake that happened in the state.

The successful appeal, an apparent demonstration of the value of persistence, was backed by the state’s entire legislative delegation, including Rep. Eric Cantor, (R) a disaster-spending hawk. It also came after many aftershocks.

The Governor, Robert McDonnell is a Republican who frequently brags about the state’s economic performance, which he of course takes full credit for.  In fact, the state of the Virginia's economy may well place Mr. McDonnell on the national ticket in 2012.  The reality in Virginia is that its northern suburbs are supported by the Federal government either through direct employment and spending or indirectly by spending related to the Federal government in the private sector.  The southeast portion of the state is supported by massive defense spending, which makes the Hampton - Norfolk area economically viable.

The greatest irony however is that if Conservatives enact their plans for massive cutbacks in Federal spending Virginia will suffer far more than most states, and the Conservatives in the state will have huge difficulty finding someone other than themselves to blame.  They will, however, find someone else to blame, it’s one of the things they do best.

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