Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Conservatives’ War Against Women Continues

Does Conservatism Mean Conserve the Values of the 18th Century?

One of the amazing things that The Dismal Political Economist has observed over the years is the animosity that Conservatives have for women.  They see society and government as instruments to attack women, to deny women basic rights and to control women’s bodies. 

The most recent example was the referendum in Mississippi, which those good people defeated, a law that would have designated an embryo as a person.  This would have resulted in a massive intrusion of government into the private lives of women, with government dictating and controlling many aspects of the life of a woman, such as potentially criminalizing a miscarriage.

Mr. Cain's Lawyer; Intimidating
Accusers is so Much More Fun
Then Defending the Charges

With the emergence of sexual harassment charges against Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, the attacks against women have been increased.  Mr. Cain’s defense has not been to explain exactly what happened, but to attack those women who have made the charge.

L. Lin Wood, the lawyer hired by the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to fend off sexual harassment accusations, has warned that any other women who might be considering coming forward with similar allegations “should think twice.”

This is nothing less than intimidation.  The Cain campaign has taken the position that any woman who has charged Mr. Cain with improper behavior in the past, before he was a candidate and now comes forth with those charges will be subject to a vicious attack on her character and her life.

And when another accuser, Sharon Bialek — whose last name Mr. Limbaugh has pronounced as “buy-a-lick”— appeared Wednesday on MSNBC, she faced fresh inquiries about her troubled financial history, which had been documented and publicized by Mr. Cain’s campaign under the heading, “Who Is Sharon Bialek?”

One of Mr. Cain’s accusers summarized the situation correctly

Keeping her own low profile on Wednesday, Ms. Kraushaar said in a brief statement to The New York Times, “Anyone should be able to report allegations of sexual harassment without fear that their lives and careers will be put on public display and laid open to public scrutiny.”

Yes Ms. Karushaar, you are correct, but that is not the philosophy of Conservatives.  For them any and all attacks are fair.  The question The Dismal Political Economist has is why does any woman, any woman ever vote for these people?

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