Sunday, November 27, 2011

David Frum Wonders Why Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum Was Not “Taken Care Of” After He Lost Bid for Re-election

The Rest of Us Wonder Why He Would Have Been Taken Care Of

David Frum is a former Wall Street Journal editorial writer and George W. Bush  White House staff member.  He is famed for the Frum Forum which is pretty good and for his sane and rational Conservatism, the kind that is at odds with the phony Conservatism of most Republicans today. 

Thus it is puzzling that Mr. Frum takes up up valuable space in his forum to raise the question why the Republicans did not take care of Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania when he was defeated for re-election.

Yet when Santorum fell casualty to the wave election of 2006, there was no ambassadorship for him. Nobody conveyed to a DC law firm that it would be appreciated at the White House if an “of counsel” position could be found for him. I don’t want to exaggerate, Santorum made a decent living after his defeat. But in the couple of conversations with him a year or so after his defeat, he projected the air of a man who felt friendless and abandoned.

The “ambassadorship” question is easy to answer, no country he would be sent to wanted a man whose vicious hatred and bigotry towards the gay and lesbian community was so great that it defined who he was.  But the bigger question is why a principled Conservative like Mr. Frum would even think that it was the obligation of the Bush Administration to “take care” of Mr. Santorum.  Oh wait, having government take care of politicians is a Conservative thing, as noted here in an earlier post.

There are currently about 14 million unemployed in the country.  After all 14 million have jobs then it would timely and appropriate to take care of Mr. Santorum.  But don’t worry anyone, as a former member of Congress Mr. Santorum has benefits that the rest of the population can only fantasize about (and financial support from Fox News whenever he wants it).  That’s what happens when you can vote for your own salary and other types of compensation.

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