Sunday, November 13, 2011

How Desperate are Mr. Romney’s Supporter’s to Boost His Candidacy

Even More Desperate Than We Previously Thought

As regular readers know, this Forum has routinely criticized the Washington Post for trying to appease Conservatives by adding numerous somewhat unqualified Conservatively oriented columnists.  One of these is Kathleen Parker, who is one of the better ones, (faint praise indeed, but praise nevertheless).

Ms. Parker is one of the Post columnists who is advocating the candidacy of Mitt Romney.  Here is her comment about why Mr. Romney should be the nominee (and probably the President, but she’s not ready to go there yet).

Romney was shooting an ad on a hot day in a staffer’s yard. While the photo shoot was being set up, Romney was asked to bide time in the cooler shade of the staffer’s garage. When the staffer retrieved Romney 30 minutes later, he discovered that the candidate had swept and organized his garage.

A small thing. Or perhaps not.

Ok folks at the Post, is that really the best you can do for Mr. Romney?  It is!  We thought so.

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