Monday, April 18, 2011

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Random Thoughts April 18, 2011

The candidacy or potential candidacy of Donald Trump is providing a benefit to the Republicans.  It is deflecting examination of more serious candidates.  Mitt Romney knows that the less the media looks at him, the better it is.  Of course, one of these days they will look at him.  It will not e pretty.

Goodluck Jonathan was re-elected President of Nigeria.  Good luck Jonathan.

Alan Greenspan  wants to know why we have a debt ceiling law.  Maybe its to try to control people like him who supported tax cuts which put the U. S. in a huge deficit position. 

The WSJ  is reporting that the government is in a hurry to sell it stake in GM.  Wait a minute, that’s not the socialism we are told that Obama is pursuing.  Of course, given the rise in the stock market since Obama became President, maybe some of those capitalists are re-thinking their position on socialism.

The Pulitzer Prizes were just announced.  We didn’t win again.   Here is comes again.

Mitt Romney has still not produced his birth certificate.

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