Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Today's WSJ

In the editorial section Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL makes his case for the owner’s position in the collective bargaining dispute with the players.  According to Goodell, everything the owner’s want is for the good of the game and the players, and if the players win everything will be destroyed.

Now thanks to the publicity on this issue we all know what the Owner’s want.  More money.  And since this is a zero sum game, the owner’s can only get more money if the players get less.  Really, it’s that simple.  And Mr. Goodell would get a whole lot more respect if  he would just say as much.

Now such an admission might reveal the fact that some of the owner’s are just greedy billionaires, living off of publicly funded facilities, but then we really already know that.

The front page headline is that hedge fund managers are moving away from Obama and giving money to Republicans.  Gee, in the last two years they have made zillions of dollars and the stock market has done very well.  I guess they just do not remember that Crash that took place during the last Republican administration. 

A full page ad in the Journal by something called Defeat the Debt cites John Galt.  John Galt is a fictional character.

Another headline says the Fed is sweating about a news conference.  If you had their record you’d be drenched.

According to another story, the Tea Party is actively working against funding education.  You wonder if there is any program that benefits society that they are willing to support.  Oh yes, tax cuts for the wealthy.  Wait a minute, that benefits only the wealthy. 

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