Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today in Weird . . .

Economic growth in the U. K. was just released, and gosh, it does not look good.  Of course, this was to be expected since the U. K. is pursuing policy to reduce growth.  The only people surprised are those who think that cutting government spending and raising taxes stimulates an economy.  In the U. K. these are known as the Conservative Party.

The WSJ has a commentary by Seth Lipsky that even by WSJ standards is incomprehensible.

And in another column Betsey McCaughey writes about the virtues of the Ryan Plan for Medicare, or we should say for the demise of Medicare.  She notes

The Ryan proposal also includes a $7,800 annual medical savings account to help low-income seniors with out-of-pocket costs. Amazingly, the CBO analysts exclude this $7,800 benefit from their calculations. Their warning about low-income seniors suffering is baseless

Yes, low income seniors are sure to have $7,800 just sitting around to go into a MSA. 

Ford is doing very well, thank you and its CEO Alan Mulally is set to get about $200 million in bonus compensation. (WSJ, April 27, 2011)   Normally this level of compensation is never justified, but this may be the case where it is. 

The Headline in the WSJ is that Afghan President Karzai is being told to dump the U. S. an ally with Pakistan and China.  Please Mr. Karzai, listen to this.

The sale of the New York Stock Exchange is still not settled.  Really, who knew you culd buy a stock exchange?

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