Friday, April 15, 2011

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Random Thoughts April 15, 2011

The Republicans handed the President a major victory today, voting to adopt the Ryan Proposal for the 2012 FY.  This means that the Republican candidates will either have to embrace the dissolution of Medicare, or face conflict with the Republican base. 

Now just because the opposition has fumbled inside their own 20 does mean a score for your team.  You still have to get the ball in the end zone, and Obama can still fumble things back.  In fact, based on the track record that may well happen.

Grover Norquist has a Q and A in the WP today.  Among other highlights.

  1. When asked about trickle down economics and job creation since 2000, he responded about job creation in the 1980’s.  I guess when you cannot answer a question, you don’t answer a question.

  1. His qualifications.  He’s a citizen, and he has an MBA from Harvard.  And we thought the only thing they taught there was arrogance.

  1. His Pledge allows revenue neutral tax changes.  This seems to be a change of heart, maybe he is reading the political tea leaves.

  1. FDR turned a recession into a depression.  Well I guess they don’t teach history either at Harvard.

  1. The David Bacon Laws (I think he means Davis) are racist.  Really!

Well you get the drift.

Conservatives want to offer school vouchers to middle income and affluent families.  Now we know where the money from cutting health care to the poor is going.

In California the Governor has this novel idea that citizens should vote on whether or not to raise taxes (or keep current tax rates in place) or cut spending.  Republicans are opposed, not only to raising taxes but to having the vote itself.  Seems they are still having trouble with this democracy thing.

Remember Inflation?   Here it comes again.

Mitt Romney has still not produced his birth certificate.

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