Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Thinking . . .

Random Thoughts April 25, 2011

The WP has an article about comedy acts whose subject is Conservatives and the Tea Party.

The amazing thing is that there is something about funny about them.

Ross Douthat has a column in the NYT on the existence of Hell, or lack thereof.

Really, he does.  And the NYT wants people to pay for access to this stuff?  Astounding.

Mitch Daniels is having trouble making up his mind on whether or not to run for the Republican nomination for President.  Maybe if he consulted the polls he would get a clue.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NY City does not want any more taxes on the wealthy.  This is a rare wrong recommendation from someone who otherwise is a pretty appealing politician.  No serious commentator suggest the budget can be balanced by solely increasing taxes on the rich, but given the huge shift in income to the wealthy shouldn’t they kick in a little bit more?

Bloomberg also wants the President to be nicer to Republicans.  Gosh, I guess so, they have been so nice to him.

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